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Holmes Panel & Paint Detailing!
Holmes Panel & Paint buff and polishes. Call in with your vehicle so we can give you a quote!
We are open Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm by appointment.

Why Paint Protection ?

Paint protection works well on any vehicle including caravans

•             Makes cleaning easier - saving some time

•             Protects paint from fading UV resistant

•             Water repellent - dirt and grime easily slides off

•             Reduces maintenance less buff and polishing

•             Smooth surface - reduces insects and bugs sticking

•             Adds protection - from bird and sap droppings

•             Holds its value - improves resale value

Brand new vehicles; This is a ultra - slick durable glossy and extreme water beading layer with a 1-2 year warranty (as long as the terms and conditions are met.)

Used Vehicles; Our recommendation and our process was exterior, Buff and polish to paint correct (not including bull bar if you have one) then apply paint protection, this comes with a 1-2 year warranty (as long as terms and conditions are met)

All trucks, caravans and boats welcome.
Price available upon viewing.

Note: All personal items must removed from the vehicle. All care will
be taken but Holmes Panel and Paint will not be held responsible for
any items left inside the vehicle. Please call for a quote or more details.

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