Holmes Panel and Paint Detailing - Holmes Panel & Paint Smash Repairs

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Holmes Panel & Paint Detailing!
Call in with your vehicle so we can give you a quote!
We are open Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm by appointment.

Basic detail includes:
  1. Full exterior cleaned
  2. Rims and tyres cleaned
  3. Interior vacuumed
  4. Carpets and seats and boot interior scrubbed and wiped down
  5. Windows in and out
  6. Air freshener deployed

Deluxe detail Includes:
  1. Full exterior cleaned
  2. Rims and tyres cleaned
  3. Black shine dressing for tyres and moulds
  4. Interior fully vacuumed
  5. Carpets and fabric seats
  6. Leather seats scrubbed and wiped down
  7. Dash and trims scrubbed and wiped down
  8. Windows in and out
  9. Air freshener deployed shampooed

All trucks, caravans and boats welcome.
Price available upon viewing.

Note: All personal items must removed from the vehicle. All care will
be taken but Holmes Panel and Paint will not be held responsible for
any items left inside the vehicle. Please call for a quote or more details.

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