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Our online quotes are designed to provide you with a quick and convenient estimate of repair costs following an accident.  We cannot confirm the extent of the damage until we have completed a thorough inspection at Holmes Panel & Paint. There is often damage that may not be visible until repairs have begun. We will advise you of our findings should this be the case.  Vehicles with extensive structural damage may be required to be brought in for a onsite inspection and assessment by Holmes Panel & Paint.

Below are examples of the images you will need to take before filling in the request form. If the pictures are larger than 2MB. Please email them directly to

Front photo of vehicle e.g.

Rear end photo of vehicle e.g.

Close up of damage 1 e.g.

Close up of damage 2 e.g.

Vin plate photo e.g.

Main damage area e.g.

Personal details

Vehicle details

Photos of vehicle

Description of damage

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